Historical overview

University of Tuzla is established in 1976 and it represents one of the oldest and most important university-level institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Today, it is consisted of twelve faculties and one academy. One of the faculties at the Univeristy of Tuzla is Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which is established in 1960/61 as High School of Pedagogy. The School developed into the Academy of Pedagogy, that offered education for various kind of social sciences and humanities teachers. In 1993 the Academy became the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Since 2008/09 all study programs applies the Bologna Process in all three cycles of study. The Faculty consists of fourteen departments and study programs: Bosnian language and literature, German language and literature, English language and literature, Turkish language and literature, Philosophy-Sociology, History, Pedagogy, Psichology, Pedagogy-Psichology (in process of splitting into two departments), Politology (International relations and diplomacy), Pre-school Education, Early School Education, Social work and Journalism.

Department of history and geography, as two-subject study program is established in 1993/94 as the seventh department of the newly established Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tuzla. The department existed as two-subject study program until 1999/2000, when it is splitted into two deparments - of History and of Geography. Now, Department of History exists as one of thirteen study programs of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Univeristy of Tuzla. Today, the Department has seven PhDs. It has four scientific fields: the Antiquities, the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Age and the Modern Age. The Department has three master degree study programs and two doctoral degree study programs.