Study degrees

Department of History has study programs in all three degrees of the university education. Bachelor degree (BA, first cycle) is basic study program equal for all students, with possibilities of choosing the elective subjects in the second, third and fourth year of study. After bachelor degree is done, a student becomes bachelor of history (BA) with 240 ECTS points.

Department of History has three active master degree study programs (MA, second cycle). At the beginning of the academic year, master degree students at our Department choose which study program they want. These study programs are:

  1. History of Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  2. Antiquity and the Middle Ages,
  3. Modern and Contemporary History.

After finishing the second cycle of study, a student becomes master of history (MA), with additional 60 ECTS points.

The third degree, doctoral (PhD) lasts for three years or six semesters, when a students collects additional 180 ECTS points. A PhD thesis has to be done in a period of six years, counting from the moment of entering the PhD degree study. The Department of History has two active study programs for this degree:

  1. Area of modern-day Bosnia-Herzegovina in the age of Roman administration,
  2. History of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 19th and 20th centuries.

After finishing this degree, a student becomes a doctor of social sciences in the area of history (PhD in History). 

The curriculums of all programs are listed below: