Publications and Scientifical Activities at the Department

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The journal Historical Thought was launched with the aim of providing additional impetus to the development of historical science in Bosnia and Herzegovina and creating a new space for publishing research results in the field of historiography, to the established historians and young researchers, postgraduate and doctoral students, professors of history, but also other to experts in related sciences who can offer papers in accordance with the scientific and professional standards of the journal. The publishers launched the journal based on a belief that historical science should be given a better status in the scientific life of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in our society in general, including the need to affirm historical insights as important prerequisites for humanizing social relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the former Yugoslavia.


In the past period, the Department of History has paid great attention to scientific research, which has resulted in numerous publications (books, journals), PhD dissertations and scientific conferences. Thus, the Department, together with the Association of Historians of the Tuzla Canton, launched the scientific journal Historical Thought in 2015, and currently five issues have been published. Prior to that, the Department had a journal titled Saznanja . Also, in the past period, employees and associates of the Department have published a number of books of a scientific nature.

Scientific Conferences

PhD Dissertations