Master Studies


The Department of History has three master study programs, namely History of Bosnia-Herzegovina , Ancient and Mediaval History and Modern and Contemporary History . The active study program is History of Bosnia-Herzegovina .
Classes at the master studies are taught by employees of the University of Tuzla from the Department of History, with the involvement of academic staff from outside the institution.
Upon completion of the master study, the student acquires the academic or professional title of Master of History. The study program "History of Bosnia-Herzegovina" at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, provides its students the opportunity, based on relevant knowledge gained by historical science, including the most recent knowledge, to focus on studying the entire history of Bosnia-Herzegovina, from ancient times to the present day, in order to become competent teachers, professors, lecturers and general interpreters and transmitters of the truth about Bosnia-Herzegovina, its citizens and peoples, its culture and traditions; to be able to meet the challenges of an era in which global access to information helps to convey facts but also spread different misinformation, arbitrariness and distorted views of events and personalities from the older and recent past.