Doctoral Study


The Department of History has two active study doctoral study programmes, namely The area of modern-day Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Roman rule and History of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 19th and 20th centuries . Lectures are taught by employees of the University of Tuzla from the Department of History, with the involvement of academic staff from outside the institution.
At the end of the doctoral studies, the student acquires the academic or professional title of Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of history.
The third cycle of studies is performed by study years and semesters, and lasts for three study years, i.e. six semesters. The scope of the doctoral study is valued at 180 ECTS credits. In one study year, the scope of the study program is 60 ECTS credits, or 30 ECTS credits in one semester. The study program is performed through teaching, scientific research work, preparation and defense of a doctoral dissertation. The teaching process is performed through lectures, seminars (access papers), consultations.