Bachelor Studies

Curriculum (2021/22)

The bachelor studies at the Department of History is full-time study lasting four years, ie. eight semesters. It equals 240 ECTS credits, and lectures are held in the winter and summer semesters lasting fifteen weeks each. Lectures are conducted in the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in practice mainly in Bosnian.
At the bachelor studies, lectures and seminars are taught by six employees of the University of Tuzla, of which five are doctors of science and one is a teaching assistant. In addition to them, external associates, as well as experts from practice, participate in the teaching process.
The study is performed so that one year of study covers one historical period - the ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary. In each year of study and in each semester, students listen to courses in general, regional and national history. In addition to these, there are other subjects that complement the study, including subjects from the pedagogical group, and elective subjects that are subject to change.
Upon completion of the first cycle of studies, the student acquires the academic or professional title of bachelor of history.
The right to participate in the Competition for enrollment in the study of History have candidates citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign citizens and stateless persons with completed four years of high school in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as candidates who graduated from high school outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the procedure of nostrification, ie equivalence, it was determined that they have completed the appropriate secondary education. The classification and selection of candidates for enrollment is based on the results of the entrance exam and other criteria in accordance with the procedures determined by the Senate of the University of Tuzla.